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Microtech Training Institute is extraordinary compared to other training Institute for Selenium in Tirupati. Selenium is one of the easy technology to learn in the world. We have the designed Testing course content and syllabus dependent on companies needs. We give 100% placement oriented, job Oriented, Practical Oriented Selenium Coaching in Tirupati at MicroTech Training Institute. We Provide morning, evening batches as per student requirements. Our Selenium training programs cover essential, intermediate , advanced level training in all Manual and Automation testing devices in Selenium.

We at Microtech Training Institute sort out exceptional training programs on Selenium in Tirupati. Microtech Training Institute is the best Selenium Training Center where you can master your Selenium specialized abilities on Various Selenium Modules.

We give 1000s of preparing material, online Selenium preparing recordings and Selenium interview questions free of expense to our students. We cover each and every single topic in all Selenium modules according to the student requirements.

    What is automation testing?

    Introduction to Selenium

    Selenium Variants

    Supported Platforms (Browsers, Programming Languages, Operating Systems)

    How Selenium Works?

    Comparison between Selenium and QTP


    Setting up Selenium IDE

    IDE in detail – Features and Components

    Test Suites

    Record and Playback in IDE

    Editing Scripts in Selenium IDE

    Running a Test Script

    Selenium Commands

    Adding Verification Points

    Script Examples

    Advanced IDE – Java Script, UI Elements, and User-Extensions.

    Open and Click Commands

    Verification Commands

    Locator Elements

    Wait Commands

    Storing Variables and Store Commands


    Description and How Selenium RC works

    Selenium RC Installation

    Selenium RC Server

    Choosing RC Programming Language

    Exporting IDE test to RC script

    RC Architecture

    Writing a Test Script in RC

    Overview of Object Oriented Concepts

    Classes, Objects, and methods


    Data Types, Access Modifiers

    Interfaces, Inheritance, Static Methods

    Looping and Conditions

    Exception Handling

    Collection Library – List, Hash Map, Hash Table

    Reading Excel/CSV files in core java

    Database Validation

    Supported Automation Frameworks

    Setting up Eclipse

    JUnit Vs TestNG

    Executing Selenium Scripts using JUnit and Test NG

    Sequential and Parallel Execution

    Storing Results

    Why Webdriver?

    How Webdriver works?

    Difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver

    Setting up webdriver

    Creating scripts using Webdriver

    Playing with UI objects using Webdriver

    Cross browser testing using Webdriver

    Advanced WebDriver – Multiple browsers, Browser profiles, Screenshots etc.

    Using Page Objects in WebDriver

    Define Financial Statement Versions

    Display of GL Balance

    Display of Trial Balance

    Display of A/R Balance

    Exception Handling in Selenium

    Using Property files in Selenium

    Establish Database connections and execute SQL queries

    Data Driven testing using Selenium

    Modular Framework

    Keyword Driven Framework

    Hybrid Framework