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Microtech Training Institute is the pioneer in rendering the best Python Course Training in Tirupati. This course provides the chance for the trainee to work on Data Analytics with Python, Machine Learning with Python and web Scraping using Python.

We have the skilled back-end team for real time assistance to support and respond to the trainees queries at any point of time. Python is a versatile and powerful language comprising various libraries and frameworks that are simple to use. Because it plays a major role in working with Data Science it’s been mandatory for the Data scientists to be learn Python course.

The Python Training certification course curriculum is made by Real time Data Science business expertise to make sure trainees each theoretical and Practical Knowledge. we offer a comprehensive and credible method of Python Training Course in Tirupati with active coaching experience to students for grasping In-Depth subject knowledge by working on real time Python Training Projects.

Python for Data Science coaching is a certification course that helps the trainees with a clear understanding of its exclusive use of python in Data Science. This python coaching consists of basic ideas of Python for Beginners, Python for Machine Learning, deep understanding of Python Programming,information visual image in Python, usage of Python in Data Analytics, Python in Data Mining, Python for Artificial Intelligence and Python in Data Science.

    Python Interpreter and its Environment

    Python programming building blocks like Variables

    Data Types and their functions

    Arrays, Lists and Tuples

    Dictionaries and Sets

    Array and List related functions

    Arithmetic Operators

    Assignment Operators

    Comparison Operators

    Logical Operators

    Conditional/ ternary Operators

    If Statements

    While construct

    For Statements

    Looping Techniques over data structures

    The range() function

    Break and Continue Statements

    Statements and else clauses in loops

    Pass Statements

    List Comprehensions

    Local variables

    Default Argument Values

    Returning Values

    Keyword & Positional Arguments

    Arbitrary Argument Lists

    Unpacking Argument Lists

    Lambda Forms

    Documentation Strings

    Executing modules as scripts

    The Module Search Path

    Building Modules

    'Compiled' Python files

    various Standard Modules/libraries

    The dir() function

    Debugging Python Code

    Logging in Python

    Unit testing in Python

    Static code analysis

    Standard Input and Output I/O

    File I/O

    Python File & Directory functions

    Introduction to subprocess module

    Handling Exceptions

    Raising Exceptions

    Userdefined Exceptions

    Cleanup Actions

    Try/finally clauses

    What are regular expressions

    Matching characters

    Compiling regular expressions

    Strings and Slices

    Modifying Strings

    Use of triple quotes


    Emails example

    Group extraction and Substitution

    Class definition syntax

    Class Objects, Instance Objects, Method Objects; Instantiation Inheritance

    Data Member Class variable/Instance

    Function overloading

    Operator overloading

    Pickle module

    The dir() function


    Intrapackage References








    Connecting to a database server

    Connecting to different databases like MySQL, SQLite

    CURD operations

    Transactions management

    Introduction to Threads

    Thread creation.

    Java style threads

    Locking mechanisms

    Introduction to Bottle framework

    Sample program

    Taking inputs from urls

    Sample template to create web pages

    Creation of login screen using bottle and mysql

    Displaying pictures/static files

    Assignment to complete and understand all the things learnt

    Introduction to Django

    Sample program

    Templatization using django

    Databse interation using Django