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Our MySQL coaching in Tirupati provides the best knowledge to the students who need to get the certification in MySQL. Basically MySQL is that the product that is widely used in several applications and it's completely free. There are several notable features in MySQL.

Some of the them are,

In our MySQL coaching we have a tendency to covering from the basic SQL Queries and that we are integrating that into PHP. By most of the web applications all around the world using the open source technologies as a combination and it makes more impact in our daily life.

    PHP MySQL Introduction, database structure, tables. MySQL naming rules, and column's data types.

    Using MySQLi object-oriented (MySQL Improved) to connect to MySQL server. Perform SQL queries to create a database and tables.

    Insert data in MySQL table with MySQLi object, INSERT INTO query. Get the auto ID from the last INSERT query with insert_id() method. Insert data from a form into a database.

    Retrieve and display data from a MySQL table, SELECT SQL command. Determine the number of records to return with the LIMIT option. Sort query results with ORDER BY clause (ASC and DESC).

    Selecting specific data from a database with the WHERE clause and Conditionals. Check for string matching with LIKE and NOT LIKE terms.

    UPDATE query to edit / change existing records in MySQL table.

    The DELETE statement, used to entirely remove records from a database table.

    Using MySQL Aliases and functions, text, numeric / mathematical, and date and time functions.

    OOP (object-oriented programming), creating classes and objects. Setting properties and methods in a class, with public, private or protected attribute. Instantiate an object of a class.

    Creating classes with a Constructor Method, __construct(). Setting optional parameters in a constructor method.

    How to use Accessor methods to set and get property values, defining Destructor methods. PHP functions for checking data type.

    Defining and accessing class Constants, Static Properties and Static Methods.

    Inheritance, learn how to extend a class, create subclasses (child classes) that inherit all of the public and protected methods from a parent class. Overriding methods.

    OOP - Final Classes and Methods, how to create a class that cannot be extended, and methods that cannot be overridden.

    Creating Abstract classes and methods, extends an abstract class.

    Interface, a special class used like a template for classes, defines the methods required in a group of similar classes.

    How to set functions to accept only certain data type for its parameters, Object and Array arguments.