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Manual Testing


Manual Testing

Microtech Training Institute is extraordinary compared to other training Institute for Manual Testing in Tirupati. Manual Testing is one of the easy technology to learn in the world. We have the designed Testing course content and syllabus dependent on companies needs. We give 100% placement oriented, job Oriented, Practical Oriented Manual Testing Coaching in Tirupati at MicroTech Training Institute. We Provide morning, evening batches as per student requirements. Our Manual Testing training programs cover essential, intermediate , advanced level training in all Manual and Automation testing devices in Manual Testing.

We at Microtech Training Institute sort out exceptional training programs on Manual Testing in Tirupati. Microtech Training Institute is the best Manual Testing Training Center where you can master your Manual Testing specialized abilities on Various Manual Testing Modules.

We give 1000s of preparing material, online Manual Testing preparing recordings and Manual Testing interview questions free of expense to our students. We cover each and every single topic in all Manual Testing modules according to the student requirements.

    Standalone Applications

    Client-Server Applications

    Client-Server Applications

    Client-Server Applications

    Static Testing

    Dynamic Testing

    Smoke Testing

    Sanity Testing

    Exploratory Testing

    Risk Based Testing

    Configuration Testing

    Reliability Testing

    Compatibility Testing

    Monkey Testing

    Waterfall (Sequential) Model

    V – Model

    Incremental Model

    Rapid Application Development Model (RAD)

    Iterative Model

    Spiral Model

    Agile Model


    eXtreme Programming

    Introduction to ALM

    Modules of ALM

    Requirements creation

    Test Case Designing

    Test Data Creation

    Mapping Test Cases to Requirements

    Test Case Execution

    Logging Defects

    Generating Reports

    Exporting Test Cases from Excel to QC

    Importing Test Case\Defects from QC to Excel



    Data Types

    Basic SQL Queries

    DML Commands

    DDL Commands

    DCL Commands

    TCL Commands

    Advanced SQL Queries




    Sub Queries