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Our Android Training in Tirupati intends to teach beginners and Employees. Android is the quickest smartphone OS on the world today. As of now, Android has a market share of 57% in the worldwide smartphone market . Android programming language is backed and created by Google and Open Handset Alliance . The numbers of handsets running on Android increases by 21000 fresh and new installs every day and that is good enough reason for one to begin creating applications and games for that market. By learning the new technology like Android anybody can get a simple job in IT. We are the Best Android Training Institute in Tirupati.

Android's Store (Google Play) over took Apple's App Store in the aggregate number of accessible applications couple of months back is as yet leading from the front in terms of number of new applications published every month. Despite the fact that Samsung has built up an OS (Bada) on its own, it began using Android in handsets because of its compliance to Open Mobile Standards and Specifications.

Android Training in Tirupati given by some of the IT industries top specialists. Learning a programming language which is certain to dominate the smartphone market in the coming years resembles like earning gold and putting away it for future use. Anybody getting prepared in Android now will have the first mover advantage and numerous corporate giants are yet to enter the App market as a standard business. When the corporate heavyweights begin to utilize their muscles against one another in cell phone market, anybody trained in Android/iOS will be very high demand in the mobile app development industry.